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BBC World News
I like it and gave it 5 stars, but could the BBC blocks and the NEWS logo be separate? But the BBC blocks in the corner were the logo normally is and just have the headline strap with NEWS and ticker underneath it.


Alternate the BBC Blocks with NEWS directly under the ticker. Kind of like how the show logo animates with the NBC logo during their news programs.
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Granada North West Today
I really like this a lot. I gave it 5/5. I'd suggest, however, you experiment with different colours. BBC News has been red for almost 20 years, it might be cool to try another colour. If it were me, I'd make it purple. But that's a subjective choice on my part. I really like it.
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UTV Newsline
It looks nice in purple but I can already imagine the public outrage about it for looking very un-BBC. I think we're gonna be stuck with red in the new look unfortunately.
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