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I like anything other than what they currently have. Its been done, its worked for a while now. They massaged the look enough. It was ground-breaking and clean for its time. They set the look that man channels emulated. Now its time. I think if they are gonna go thru the trouble of updating the graphic look and spending loads of money to do so, they may as well build a new legacy look that takes BBC News into its next phase and that look can be updated and massaged for the next decade. This look IMO has served the BBC well and I think its time to move on. No one is expecting WSVN tabloid graphics, but there are some amazing things being done on the continent that are modern and clean and fresh and not fussy. I just think it needs someone with vision who isnt being constrained by the current look of Red swirling globes and the lower thirds that are rectangular, half white half red with the same slow tired animations and thunderclap sound affect. It worked, but now its time IMO. Whats fresh, whats new, whats next? Sadly I think it will be a wasted creative exercise and wasted license payer money. Lets hope not.
Im afraid that even with the new Reith font introduction we may see is a miss rather than a hit.

I do like the blue and the mixture of fonts. its reminds me of the look that CBC news is using.
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