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I came up with a concept of new look BBC News, ditching the red and incorporating the new Reith typefaces.

Some may not like the mix of Serif/Sans and I know it's often considered a design no-no to combine the two, but I think that's the way they'll end up going when BBC News finally changes.

To minimise the messiness of using both styles together I decided to make Serif the font for the "furniture" text and go for Sans where the text changes more frequently.

I'm also so bored of the colour red for BBC News and always did prefer the blue of the 90s. It's more authoritative (although I appreciate that's not the look they're going for in this day and age)


If anyone thinks there is potential in this concept I might work on some titles and other graphics. Maybe even a studio set. If not then, well, I won't.
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I like it. I always thought blue was a nice colour for BBC News, especially in the 1990s. Serifs are normally not used much today, but the way you have used them is effective and works well.

4/5 - great mock!
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I like it - better than the garish red. One minor criticism is that blue on black is not clear for visually impaired - a bit like red on green (or vice versa). Considering the BBC is meant to be a world-leading broadcaster, it's branding is looking and sounding decidedly dated compared with other countries' outputs.
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It’s certainly practical and would work on screen, however you’ve fallen into the same trap that BBC News themselves fall into of it being a bit too safe. I really hope when they introduce Reith that they go a bit bolder in their design - something more like we’d see on the continent.

The blue looks good and the OTS graphic I like though.
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Safe areas can be relaxed now, the BBC themselves moving to 16:9 safe more and more, don't be afraid to use it.

The logotype looks a bit 'off' - this could be because the BBC lozenge isn't sitting comfortably next to the reith serif text. Maybe a more 90s style BBC logo on its own could work?

The colours are a bit garish however I suspect this is because of the transparency effects, perhaps they could be 'pulsing' colour?

The text being different sizes from one element to the next - the astons, clock and live bug look huge compared to the ticker for instance.

Few things to consider.

Kind of reminds me of the 1997 graphics for News 24
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