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BBC News N6 3D Studio

(December 2012)

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Well, it's been nearly a year since I updated it on here so the topic has been archived - but since then I've often been adjusting bits on it based on images of the studio. In fact, using the Barco dimensions that were posted in dg6's TC7 studio thread, it's dimensions are almost bang on!

That excellent mock also reminded me what a good render can do - so here's an updated rendered version - it's not as good a render but I think it still looks loads better than before (yet still lots to improve on!)

Here's some caps and I'd love to hear any comments - click the caps to make them bigger:

[url= N6%20NC%20Intro.jpg]*[/url]




Whilst this is an improvement on your previous N6, its still not quite there.

Whilst your Barco cube dimensions are probably correct, there are several elements that don't look right, desk thickness, podium edges, ceiling lightboxes. Plus the whole project isnt rendered or lit to a particularly high standard.

Its good and improving, and I hope to see more.

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