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I really like the excection here. I'm with a lot of people though that it's "not very BBC" and "very American". It's a very good effort though!

Personally I'd lose the permanent "LIVE" graphic. It does seem pointless. Also I'd have the Logo and clock on the left (Only because I'm used to it, if I HAD to watch it then it would probably grow on me), and also use the stacked BBC News logo. The one line logo just looks lost in that big space! Also I'd use a less condensed font.

They're only little things that are my personal opinions. The animations are excellent, it looks tidy, it looks good. Well done! 4/5!
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To those who think it's not that BBC, is that just because of the font used, because animation wise, there's nothing here that would be considered even a minor departure from what BBC News has been doing since about 2003.

I like the idea of having everything in the lower third, even the live location bug. Keeps it nice and tidy. The only thing I don't like is the live bug above the BBC News logo, I think that's unnecessary, but otherwise, an excellent mock, and I'd have no problem imagining something like that as the next evolution of the BBC News look. 4/5
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HTV Wales Wales Today
The font for me. It's very brash. It's almost shouting at me. The animations are great. Would be nice if you could use the "ripple" animation thats on the BREAKING NEWS strap after the story forms on the grey background. But I'd love to see this mock develop!