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HarryB2,023 posts since 1 Nov 2013
I'm back with another mock... This time with BBC News again.

Recently BBC News channel and network bulletins have increased the usage of the condensed version of Helvetica for their graphics excluding lower thirds. So I had tasked myself to use condensed Helvetica and add in the new MSNBC style of lower thirds too.

Give me your thoughts, this is only a little example so I can hear your thoughts before I might continue on with more graphics in this style. Smile

Also, I used a ticker in this like normal, not animated though. Was thinking of whether to introduce a flipper instead of ticker maybe?

channelsurfer70 posts since 26 Oct 2015
I quite like it, it looks good, but not really...BBC-ish?

Your brief was to make a set of news graphics inspired by CNN, you did a good job on that. They look very American however. I'd experiment with using Helvetica without being condensed - that's my opinion. Right now it looks a bit too brash to be BBC. A good start though.
Justin299 posts since 9 Oct 2014
BBC World
Interesting prospect, although I think it needs a different colour palette when not in breaking news mode, that shade of grey just looks odd. I can't really see the BBC ever using something like this. Good starting effort though
New Zealand isn't that far away!
DTV1,181 posts since 27 Feb 2012
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While the execution is very good, it's not very BBC. IMO Sky would be more likely to adopt a US style of graphics but that is still unlikely - there's something innately tabloidy about American news graphics that we don't really have over here. I think it's predominantly the large condensed bold fonts that scream tabloid. Also I notice the 'LIVE' tag over the BBC logo, I don't think there is a need to specify it's a Live broadcast as that is what people expect from News bulletins. But overall, your brief was NBC style graphics for the BBC - and if that was a brief you've pretty much hit the nail on the head - 4/5 (just because I don't think it's likely for adoption).
Aaron_2015791 posts since 11 Mar 2015
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I agree with others that the 'LIVE' tag is pointless, but a good design overall. The clock is too small and the text should be aligned to one side, not in the middle. Other than that, a great mock.

Pointless? Should? Who are you, the **** mock police?

Quite frankly, I don't understand your point. If you are stuggling to understand 'pointless' in this particular context, I mean that the live tag serves no purpose whatsoever remaining onscreen constantly.

This is just my personal opinion, as is everybody else's posts in this thread, in the whole gallery in fact. Strange, and absolutely ridiculous to highlight only my point.
SomeRandomStuff1,287 posts since 29 Apr 2009
This is equivalent to what model makers would call a kitbash ...or... 'we couldnt be bothered to come up with something original so we took bits from these two things to make it'

However, unlike most kitbashes i've seen in the gallery, this is actually pretty well executed.

3/5 - Full marks for execution. Zero for the idea.

PS. Your Aljazeera mock - which i saw for the first time today - is very nice. Unfortunately i was unable to rate it for some reason. I would have given it 4/5.
Michael3,988 posts since 5 Sep 2005
I see to remember an American style BBC News Channel on the early days of TVF -- BBC 24/7 that was deliciously OTT and whizzy.... no where to be found nowadays though.