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BBC News current graphics refresh

Just a small example of a refresh of the current dark graphics used (May 2020)

HarryB Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Hi there, been a while since i've posted, and I created this a few months ago based on the current set of BBC News graphics, I thought the current dark graphics with black are not nice and gave this a shot. Want to extend the set but wanted your thoughts first about it.

The background behind the text needs a bit of help as you notice you cant read the text that is on top of any white such as Sally's text. I'm up for suggestions on how to improve this

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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Good start - think though for the nature of the design we need to see it over moving images because as you say there are issues with text with no backgrounds.
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Owen A Granada North West Today
Impressive animations, especially with Keynote! I really like this refresh, but I do think that it might look better to go for a lighter weight of Reith Serif for the headline, as it can be hard to read in certain sizes. Also, not sure whether text above the BBC News logo works/looks good. Keep going with this mock, I love the layout and it looks better than the dark graphics in use at the moment.

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PFML84 UTV Newsline
Overall it looks nice, but the BBC sadly won't ever move the graphics 16:9 safe due to the news channel sharing playout abroad.

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