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In a similar style to BBC WORLD (January 2003)

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ITV Lover
Sorry for another News 24 thread, and apologies if these take a while to load.

In these, I’ve tried to give News 24 a ‘World-esque’ feel, taking some aspects of BBC World’s presentation, while trying to do something original.
You can see here that Aston text is aligned to the left of a 4:3 screen, because I’ve removed the need for a clock and LIVE dog. The clock is now up by the DOG, and the LIVE Aston and name strap are incorporated into a bar along the top of the screen. The bar is only there for live interviews and stock exchange updates.
Special Astons
Nothing special, just a slight variation on the theme, and giving the sport and business astons BBC Sport and business-pres type looks. The sombre and interactive astons are just re-coloured normal astons.
Headlines Strap, Coming Up.
The headlines strap comes up during a non-news programme to tell the viewer the basic headlines. The coming up ‘bar’ is used just before the half hour, as it is now.

Hope you like them, any comments?
Interesting mocks - I however don't really like the box - I don't know why. I think it won't work on screen.

I like the astons though.

Do you have the proper Gill Sans Bold font? It doesn't look it...
ITV Lover
edward posted:
Do you have the proper Gill Sans Bold font? It doesn't look it...

I'm having problems with Fireworks at the moment, so it looks a bit naff. And regarding the box, I'd probably agree in some respects.

I've taken down some ones that need re-working, the backgrounds on some look awful.
BBC TV Centre
I like the designs but am not too sure about the N24 box. The box does not suit N24 at all.

I'd also get rid of the DOG and cock. Not a fan of such pieces of useless screen junk.
Chris J
They look very nice, I like them. I'm not too sure about the colour of the blue on the Your Views strap, but apart from that they're really good. Smile
Good attempt. Can I offer some suggestions?

Arrow Right - the idea of the astons going across the screen but not to the bottom works well. Although I think they should be a stable colour - red and black. However, to accommodate BBC World viewers (if they had them or during simulcasts) and BBC One Specials something needs to be in place between the text and where 14:9 would end. I would suggest a BBC News globe under the clock and in the space where the clock currently is. It would only need to be there when an aston's on.
Arrow Have the clock where 'NEWS 24' is - but do it with animation. By this I mean by all means have BBC NEWS 24 written there but it flashes ever 10 secs or something to show 'BBC 23.45' or something. The clock being usually on longer than the 'NEWS 24' bit.
Arrow Place 'LIVE' under the DOG or where the globe would be if it covered faces - long lines over footage at the top doesn't and won't work.

I would show you my ideas myself but I can't make mocks of this - a bit out of my league.
Steve Lowry
And you told me you were too busy to talk before because you had coursework to do, Mr. Lover!

I like the way you've put images onto the astons, I think it makes them look 'prettier' than if it was just a solid block or gradient. I also like the way they go all the way across the screen (like a proper aston should IMO!) Also, I think you've chosen photos well to accompany the astons (and an excellent choice of football team!!)
Really top-drawer stuff! I wouldn't mind seeing this on either News 24 or BBC World. Very good, very complete. I wouldn't mind seeing a weather package in this style.
ITV Lover
Steve Lowry posted:
And you told me you were too busy to talk before because you had coursework to do, Mr. Lover!

Yes. Mocks in the morning, coursework in the afternoon.

Thanks for all your kind comments, I shall take note and maybe edit them.
Had a go. Main point of mine are the clock animates and changes from 'NEWS 24' to the time.
On the Line with image Says it all, doesn't it? The 'On the Line' bit would animate to show a phone every couple of seconds. The red and black lines at top slide in as do the pictures/images.
Info Aston Centre justified but they have a device to make sure it looks alright in 4:3, 16:9 and 14:9.
Live Split Screen The London location stays on for the split screen but goes to 'LIVE ' when not split screen.
On the Line' screen. No pics this time - just image of person on the phone. Again, the 'On the Line' bit animates to reveal a phone.
Live interview but pics are being shown as well.
Interactive E-Mails. This is the actual News 24 e-mail address according to the BBCi bar.
Name Aston used in VT
Breaking News The aston slides in - top line from right, black from the bottom.
Courtesy Of aston. Also used on VT to show dates, places etc.
News In Brief and Headlines aston
Coming Up
News Briefing
Sport Table Not the best I admit.
Business Markets Data Sreen

All the globe backings animate slowly.
harshy Founding member
Fantastic mocks MikeG, nice photo of Janet Barrie, and Cherie Booth's statement, LOL! Laughing

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