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As an icon I do like the serif N, but the issue is that apart from in your social media graphics, it doesn't appear anywhere! Think it needs to appear on-screen somewhere for it to work.

The icon would appear on screen throughout the titles, although I appreciate it’s hard to see just from the storyboard.

A nice effort but Sky News want their graphics back. Just not distinctive enough and the astons feel a few years behind the times.

And is that Reith for Breakfast?

Having looked at the old Sky News graphics this is a fair point, they are pretty similar. Although the inspiration for the astons was partly from the new NBC Today graphics. Breakfast is Reith Sans Bold.

Really liking this so far! Clearly a lot of thought has gone into it. I like the circle logo and the evolution of an existing brand.

I'd be intrigued to see the titles take their form from the circle, rather than straight lines, perhaps?

But really looking forward to seeing more!

I did consider basing the wipes/titles/stings off the icon with circular graphics, but I felt they seem to have gone out of fashion a little recently.

Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll get time to animate the titles in full.
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I don't see the point in having the N in the circle then just using the box logo at the end of the titles - if you're making the N logo the symbol of the news then make it as prominent in the end board.

And maybe it's a bit too obvious but replacing the N with 1/6/10 for the main bulletins would surely make sense.
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