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Granada North West Today
For this remix I take BBC World's short-lived flags style music from 1997 and mix it with the graphics from the current BBC News package. I don't have any BBC World News footage, so I had to make do with BBC News footage. Still though, I think it works although I could have worked harder on the countdown, maybe replacing the countdown with just the repeating globe graphic at the end, to make it similar like the one used on News 24/World from 1997. I added the pips from 04:24 (courtesy of Radio 4) to keep the effect used on the current package in the run up to the hour. Enjoy. Smile


Sorry about the letterbox format, the quality wasn't too good at 16:9.

EDIT: It seems that trying to enter my own thumbnail URL stops the topic from being posted. And when I eventually post it, along comes 7 or more of the same posts; the amount of times I clicked it before trying to get it to work. And to top it all off, the delete button doesn't work.
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