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BBC Look East 2008 remake titles colourised

a mock up the 2008 style for BBC Look East (October 2020)

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hello guys hope your well. I took all the advice your gave me and i tried to up my game. i added in video footage this time and managed to export it to YouTube as well.

I didn't like the 2014-2019 titles for BBC Look East. I thought the text was too big and there was that endboard issue in 2018 you know the one. so i thought '' i could do better than that'' and so i designed the titles I wanted to see or my vision really. so that's what i did. I know Reith here but it's not too late.

i wanted to capture the best of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk along with people in motion as a member pointed out. i know there's a 480 rotation but i had a issue with that plus i saw they were included in some updated titles so i left it out.

anyway i'll hush and show you the finished project. all feedback welcome and i'll put into my next project.

HUGE HUGE Credit to CJAnything2006- the all in 1 YouTube channel for the folder. a tremendous help subscribe to him!
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Are you going to credit the After Effects project maker who did 99% of the work here? There's nothing wrong with using freely provided templates, but it's only fair to credit those creators and clearly state what is your work and theirs.

What happened to the BBC logo on the end board, and why is there expression code visible at 0:05? And why is this in something like 10fps?!
it was BBC Look East but something went wrong. I’ll work on the expression code. the 10fps reason on the instructions it said it was good quality on media encoder

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