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AaronLancs Granada North West Today
Hi there,

First ever proper mock design. Talking of the using of BBC Reith got me thinking about the BBC Blocks themselves and how much of an icon it is. Just look at BBC Arabic using them in their 2008 titles. So I am embarking of coming up with a series of logos based around them and trying to be as uniform as possible. Here goes.

The first this to bear about this image below is it is 15x6cm and the small guidance squares are 0.5x0.5cm and the blocks themselves are 2x2cm. with the intention of the channel name block extending by as many blocks as needed.

P.S. The font size is 44.

Much feedback would be appreciated as this is my, to use old school terminology. My pencil marks.

Proof of Concept using BBC One as the basis

Thanks for letting me take a dive.

As soon as I have feedback I'll take what bits I have learned and update this logo before moving on to other ones.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Any change to the BBC logo is a big no from me. Not to mention the alignment issues.

Can’t really judge from just one image.
johnnyboy Founding member Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Sorry but that's not good.

The margin around the letters within the boxes is not consistent leading them to look off centre.

The gap between the boxes is too large for my liking.

The BBC logo can't be improved unless it is radically rethought. What would be a better use of time, imo, is to rethink how the logo is accompanied.

And it might upset the forum font Taliban but not using Reith would endear your logo to those of us who detest Reith.
OFCOM's queen bitch
JetixFann450 Central Reporting Scotland
You have got quite an interesting idea here, but I feel like it's already been done many times before. As for the BBC logo, I would recommend trying to make it as close as possible to the current BBC logo in Reith, maybe by adjusting some letters or in your case, aligning the letters to the center, because it feels slightly off center, as is with also the "ONE" text below it. Still though, I do like your idea of using blocks to sort of align them together and line them up from one another.

I'd recommend looking at other BBC mocks on this forum and see which ones you feel would suit your idea, mdta's designs are pretty good and I'm sure you can take a few cues from my work as well (just not 1:1, mind you)

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