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BBC EAST MIDLANDS TODAY 2008 title remake

A remake of the BBC EMT 2008 titles (September 2020)

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Ne1L C
rfr1 posted:
There isn’t much more to say here than you’ve haphazardly placed some images of the East Midlands underneath a pre-existing template. The original titles featured black and white videos of landmarks and people in motion, and in particular, the fourth shot is supposed to spin 180° anti-clockwise along with the rings, whereas on your video it remains still, which looks odd, to say the least.

Learning by dissecting a template isn’t necessarily a bad approach, but slapping some images underneath it does not a mock make.

I have to say forget the mocks now. Learn the very basics first. I subscribe to AE and every time I open the program the first popup are tutorials. Follow them. They're easy to understand (and won't let you advance until you've achieved the task). Do them as many time as you want to.

There's also an independent forum where you can ask questions:,started%20by%20asking%20questions%2C%20helping%20others%20with%20answers.

There are guidebooks as well. (pricey but worth it)

Finally, take your time. This isn't a competition or a marathon. Practice makes perfect.
Guys I’m so grateful everything is noted down. wish I learnt it all at the start. Look East (East) is coming next. that endboard was atrocious so i want to fix it
I’ll be off for a while to plan carefully all of this. it'll be ready when it's ready. but I will blow your minds

See you soon
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You might want to concentrate on learning the basics while you've got the trial edition, before you spend loads of money, and before you start trying to recreate things you've seen on TV.

- where do projects get stored, and the assets used by them
- how does the timeline work
- how to animate basic shapes
- how to save and export files
- how to encode suitable files for the internet
- how to add other files to your composition
- how to render text

Don't bog yourself down with a massive project to try and learn this stuff, do it by creating loads of projects you'll never show to other people but that help you play around to work out how it all works.

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