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BBC EAST MIDLANDS TODAY 2008 title remake

A remake of the BBC EMT 2008 titles (September 2020)

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Handbrake didn’t work and the media encoder only exported shot 1 so I had no choice but to film it on my phone i truly apologise I really struggled as it was my first mock. it’s half done as I didn’t know how to add the town names to the connect layers on shot 2 maybe you could show me. there’s no logo as I couldn’t type it in. as for the project itself I wanted it to be as identical as possible. it’s not the best but I wanted you lot to see what I can do on after effects albeit from my phone. my dad got me the free trial instead of buying it by accident and it will expire but once it’s bought. I’m gonna get better and better.

But for now here is my first mock

All feedback welcome 👍
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Ne1L C
There's no reason to apologise. You've tried your best and for whatever reason it didn't work. These things happen. I think the best thing to do is to throw this open to the forum. Calling all mockers.
Yeah. I was gonna export it half done so you guys can help me complete it. I’m doing it again to improve it as it’ll be bigger and better and hopefully on YouTube. is there a region you want me to do E.G, Look North, Points West I can’t decide lol
Ne1L C
Think of it as building a house. A house needs strong foundations and in this case the foundations are the basics of understanding the software and how it works. After Effects is a fantastic piece of software but its a swine to get used to as are many composting and editing pieces of software.

I suggest you read this:
There’s this folder. BBC regional news project. click on it. and you’ve got your rings connect layers and title form up stripe. there are place names you just edit them and import your still images. I was done in a day lol
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Ne1L C
There’s this folder. BBC regional news project. click on it. and you’ve got your rings connect layers and title form up stripe. there are place names you just edit them and import your still images. I was done in a day

I know which folder you're talking about and it is a tremendous help but (and I'm not being nasty here) you can't just spend a day on this and voila you have a masterpiece it doesn't work that way.
No no not at all. I’ll be taking my time no doubt. I just need to learn how to insert videos. I’m doing BBC Midlands Today when it’s bought. it’ll take a week to make it 100%. and I’ll put on the gallery. could you teach me how to insert a logo and can you make the title form up stripe bigger and wider?
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Could you just clarify how much of this is your own work or if it's adapting a project file you have downloaded?

Some of your questions are very beginner level, yet this is quite an advanced project with a lot going on, which naturally makes it difficult to just change things if you don't understand what is happening. There are a lot of learning resources available for after effects, not least hours of tutorials on Adobe's website.

How to render video for YouTube could be a good one to start with.

After Effects is a professional tool and some people earn a lot of money from being able to use it properly. As with any professional thing, it takes time, expertise and a lot of learning to get to that stage. Do not expect to be able to just open a project made by someone else and immediately understand what's going on and be able to make changes. After Effects is more like learning a programming language than learning how to use Word - many people will never become confident users of it even after years of playing with it. (I'm not trying to put you off having a go, but you need to understand it's not something you'll master by spending an hour each weekend for a term on it, it will literally take years of full time work).
just to clarify. i changed the place names and added my own imagery the connect layers and the rings were already there.

Thanks for all the feedback

Once I have after effects is bought. I’m doing the 2008 style for midlands today and It’ll be a massive improvement
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There isn’t much more to say here than you’ve haphazardly placed some images of the East Midlands underneath a pre-existing template. The original titles featured black and white videos of landmarks and people in motion, and in particular, the fourth shot is supposed to spin 180° anti-clockwise along with the rings, whereas on your video it remains still, which looks odd, to say the least.

Learning by dissecting a template isn’t necessarily a bad approach, but slapping some images underneath it does not a mock make.
I’m not doing it in black and white but the rest is jotted down thanks mate
Mike W
As others have said really. The project you’ve downloaded while a faithful recreation isn’t perfect, then again nor was the original MLN template...

You need to consider what’s going on in each scene to understand how to replicate it. I could never quite get the expression right for the place names, mainly because I lack an attention span!

Firstly the frame rate looks atrocious, up it to 25 minimum for anything near broadcast rate - I would suggest this is because the person who recreated it has either reduced it to suit their own rendering needs or didn’t realise it’s got the same frame rate my nan walks with her Zimmer frame.

Also the XML lines overlay is missing; so to further your development, think how you could add it in? I won’t give you the answer, have a play and see how you can achieve it.

I’m not judging this as your own work though, I’m judging this as how you’ve learned so far! Keep trying and don’t be disheartened. Consider colour changes too, white is so 2008!
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