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Removed some of the minor white lines and added iPlayer/HD icons. I also adjusted the size of the boxes, as well as adding "bbc.co.uk/tv" at the bottom left.

That text under the Breakfast is too small, unreadable on small devices/SD.
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I don’t think the iPlayer and HD logos add anything. To my mind, they make it more cluttered and don’t really provide any extra info. Pretty much everything is available in those flavours, so why make everything busier by stating so?

I could see one instance of the iPlayer logo being present on screen to act as a nudge, but I wouldn’t for individual shows, and not HD.
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Couple of points..

Channel logos look too big and so untidy.

I’d align all the channel plus BBC logos centrally with each other rather than aligned to the left.

Would look better if fonts were consistent across the channels - understand you’re trying to tailor the style to the channels but it looks a bit messy.

However, I like the overall idea - in fact I can’t believe they’ve not done this already.
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