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ClarkNarvas (previously ClarkToasti) 90 posts since 8 Apr 2016
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
There probably isn't as many cross channel promotions as there were a few years ago, it's all about iPlayer now! 🤷‍♂️

Nonetheless, I created one. I got the idea from JetixFann450's BBC mock which is a few posts before this one, You can see a few design elements borrowed from that but most of it was just stuff I came up with.

Here it is!

And yes, I've kind of improved since my last mock Laughing Wink
LoganStuff (previously DogeTV) 28 posts since 12 Nov 2016
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I might be a little biased (since I saw in-progress screenshots + we're friends) but this mock has a genuine quality to it, like something that the BBC would actually air. Only thing I'd suggest is making those floating cubes in the back reflective/glossy? They kinda just look like transparent cubes there. Everything else is great though.
Yes, the next post certainly is dreaded.
JetixFann450613 posts since 25 Mar 2013
STV Central Reporting Scotland
It's great to see inspiration from my work and I think what you've done is something the BBC would probably use. The work put in has been pretty good (I like the moving 3D cubes at the beginning and end) and I quite like that you've put into consideration the placement of BBC One/Two/Four, great work so far.

If I have to say, maybe having the cubes fly into the scene or take Logan's suggestion and put a glossy material on the cubes may look pretty good in my books.

Do you even read these?
the eye3,592 posts since 19 Jan 2005
BBC World News
No hate but if you read all the comments before you see the work and you’d mistake it for another topic. Rather bland rather boring. The blue is too old and dark same with the black. Could never see it working on any tv network. Sorry

Are all these usernames the same people?
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