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BBC Clock Backgrounds

Recreated in Photoshop (April 2019)

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I recently found these BBC clock backgrounds on a USB stick which I recreated in Photoshop a few years ago.

While I acknowledge they're not exactly like the originals, they are at least in 16:9 and HD. If anyone knows how to turn the backgrounds into a working screensaver, please feel free and post it here! Very Happy

How the 2002 clock might have looked
Full size

BBC balloon clock
Full size

1991 Clock
Full size
rob Founding member
I love these. Using the 1991-1997 globe backdrop as my new desktop wallpaper.

Thanks for sharing. Smile
Here's an alternative wallpaper - stolen clock! Laughing
Full size
Mike W
Love them...

Not to threadjack - here is a mock of the unseen 1997 era 'family clock' (it does animate, and isn't 3D, but a 2D thing traced off the actual animation)


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