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BBC Breakfast Mock Titles

BBC Breakfast intro with some rather nice shots of London and a funkier theme. (February 2018)

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I mostly like it, just not sure on the font used for the programme title at the end.
politicalite and Ittr gave kudos
I mostly like it, just not sure on the font used for the programme title at the end.

Yeah, Gill Sans is better
Not really sure this makes sense? I think it looks messy because you’ve overload their existing titles and just dropped the opacity. And why London? BBC Breakfast is based in Salford. And I agree the font looks bad. Music also sounds clunky.
I used footage of London because the imagery of London is more recognisable and iconic than Salford or Manchester. and the music is the BBC World News America theme, no edits to that.
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I think you'll want to start getting used to Salford in the case.
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Why not use shots of various cities around the UK, that would make it feel more unified, maybe have the final shot as a view of the tv studios at Salford if you can find one.
Ideally, yes you would use shots from around the UK, though I admit I have no problem with the final shot being London, rather than Salford. In practice though, finding shots of UK locations outside of London can be tricky, as I have tried to do a few times with some ideas I've had.
It's a good mock overall - I like it!

I particuarly like:

1. The overall flow of the mock, it looks and feels realistic.

2. The use of real places for the title sequence.

My only critisisms have already been mentioned, but I'll say them anyway:

1. I like the shots you have used and would be more apropriate if the show was based in London, but even still using shots of locations and scenes from around the UK would better represent the shows target audience (the UK as a whole).

2. I really don't like the font you have used for 'Breakfast' at the end, to me this is the weakest thing about the mock.

3. While the music is fine, I'm not really sure it suits a morning show - prehaps try something a little 'lighter'.

4. I might extend the titles to 15 or even 20 seconds.

At the moment, it's 3/5 from me, but with some modifications it could easily be a 4/5 - nice mock, well done!
Beautifully done but FAR too London-centric bearing in mind (a) most people watching do not live in London, (b) it isn't broadcast from London.
It's very good - better than what we have at present. I think it could be a bit longer and have all the major cities montaged to cover the UK. This certainly gives it a more newsy feel about it. SEVEN! (as Len would've said)
Excellent job - but as others have said, way too London-centric, especially for a programme that comes from Salford. I do like the music you've used, though - much better than what is currently used. (I do think that the current theme is awfully bland - suits the programme, I suppose...)

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