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BBC box logos for services without box logos

Come on guys and gals, we have cookies!!! (December 2020)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
also, sorry i didn't upload the pictures directly, I don't know how yet...

Two options:

1) In Firefox and no doubt other browsers you can right-click and "copy image location", and then wrap that in a IMG tag:
[ img][/img] (no space between the initial bracket and the I, I've only done this to stop the board showing the image)

Which will give you this:

Or 2) you can set up an account at our sister site, (you can use your TV Forum handle if you want but you don't have to), and this gives you access to the Uploader. You can upload your creations there and you get all the BBCode you need. You can just paste that BBCode into your post.

Uploader's broken, I tried it yesterday.

BBC Prime logo but in a box
Neil Jones Founding member
If you have issues with the uploader at Metropol, send a PM here:
Alfie Mulcahy
Good start but the boxes look like the wrong dimensions.

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