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I've actually created this as part of a more serious project but I don't think it can be used for it so I've posted it as a mock instead.

That made little sense... I'll explain briefly:

A while back I applied to register the ATV trademark, which ITV had surrendered towards the beginning of last year. The application has gone through,, and I intend to use it for some television productions I'll be working on later this year.

So, partly as a bit of fun and partly to experiment with the brand, I set myself a task to take a much loved (if a little clunky and screechy) ident:

and bring it up to date, but (for genuine copyright reasons) not be a carbon copy of the form up or music. Just a nod in the direction of the original.

And this is what I came up with (deep breath):

I've tried to keep the pomp of the original without it being too reliant on it. ( I must point out the balls are from stock footage that I've bought in but I've edited them to be more appropriate for the ident)

The reason I'm posting this as a mock is that I feel, despite the differences, it still infringes too greatly on the copyright ITV still holds on the original ident. But Ii like it enough not to discard it completely, so I'm sharing it with you! Smile

I have made a few different versions where the form up varies but this seems to work the best.

Any comments appreciated in advance!
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Whataday7,598 posts since 13 Sep 2001
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I think it's the switch from the modern CGI paintballs that look like a Watch ident to a fairly basic animation into a 40+ year old logo. It's a decent attempt but I think that juxtaposition lets it down I'm afraid.

Yes that's partly the reason I went back to the drawing board, and this became more a mock than a genuine attempt. There's about 7 different versions I have with the transition to the logo.. It's an awkward logo to animate into and even the original looks a bit clunky, which I guess was part of its charm.
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I quite like this, the only issue I have with the animation is the glow effect and, as much as I love a lens flare, I don't like the lens flare. Where the paint splats look quite real, the glow effect and lens flare looks fake or cheap in comparison.

I think if you look at today's logo design trends, they aren't a million miles away from this retro look, so I don't see why it couldn't work today.

If I was trying to reinvent this logo I'd try lots of different colour schemes, play with the lower eye, try lots of different patterns instead of stripes (like pick up sticks or something). Don't even settle on one pattern? Make it dynamic. I'd also play with the font and positioning of the lettering.
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