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Anglia (East) Look East
Great mock, and I see you've edited the studio slightly, and it looks much better, especially with the accompanying camera angles you've used. The graphics look much slicker and bolder, really well done.

Also, I see another thread has gone under, with myself apparently being the threads author, when I haven't started a thread in the gallery.
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I love this mock. Saw it on Youtube and was stunned earlier, Lee. I saw a preview of this appear on your twitter a few weeks back (may have only been last week). I do like it. I've only given it 4/5 but I intened to give it 5 (and pressed the wrong * so sorry Embarassed ).

The 3D Camera movement is nice on the titles, the 'hero panels' look very nice, it looks close to the original BDA titles and I hope you can maybe make one for each ITV Region if you get the time. The set is lovely except the sofa, reminds me of Selfridge's too much, you know what I mean [which looks great as a building, but doesn't match with the set]. I do like the astons and generic graphics, the animation is slick and to be honest, this is one of the few mocks recently that has shown any promise. This is certainly my favourite on page one of the gallery at the moment.

Well done!
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10/10, except it's never gonna happen! Itv need to get someone like you in!!!
I now your mock is more based round the Anglia news, which is superb, but I think the weather is even better.

Could you send me I a high res blank map if possible?

My only comment would be an improvement to make the itv weather graphics more virtual like c4/sky/BBC.
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My favourite part of the mock has to be the straps. I love the way the logo, and the yellow bar, are smaller - looks much more uniformed and stops those little niggles regarding misalignment and so on. I especially love the gradient on the staps and the breaking news strap. far superior to ITV's current creation. the inverted colours really make it stand our more than the garish, over sized text we have now!!

The weather is also great, i love the weather sting - fab!

Incidently, what software did you use??

And could i also request the high res weather map you used?? Thanks!