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So, I posted a ramble the other day about the problem of multi-channel promotion on the BBC currently, sparked by the third-annual reappearance of this:


I think this could be done a tad better by deploying a generic but adaptable design to be tacked onto to the end of such trails instead, leaving the disparities of the individual channel brands to one side.

An adapted version of the "BBC Now" menu design for such situations would be a neat solution...

Something like the following, perhaps?




The dreaded shoehorned boxes are gone, replaced by rectangles similar to those seen on the bbc.co.uk/programmes pages and the BBC logo moved to the bottom left corner to compensate. The squished boxes spoil the BBC Sport menus for me and are barely decipherable at a quick pace anyway; this solution allows for enhanced legibility of the channel name, still clearly connected to the Beeb and even ample room for a nation tag.

I've posted a few examples, not really sure which I prefer although I'm leaning towards the less boring relevant-picture-under-box version.

k thnx!
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chris4,163 posts since 6 Jul 2005
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I agree with the concept, but not entirely sure it's executed well.

I think those rectangles look worse than the box; the 'one' and 'TWO' don't work without the 'BBC' logo imo. The actual programme name is way too small and for an endboard on-screen for perhaps 5 seconds, that should be the most prominent thing. I assume the colour of the backdrop would change depending on the channel it's being broadcast on? Surely that would just provide more work?

A good idea, just not necessarily executed well in my opinion.
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I feel the boxes for the channels, not the logos but the boxes they're in with the programme time, take up too much room. It looks like they would work fine if it was advertising two different programmes on each channel where the programme name could go, but here it just looks like it's taking up too much room.

But it could work!
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It is good to an extent in which the logos are much neater on the third design. The first original example shouldn't be used by the BBC at all. It looks dreadful in terms of their design.

The BBC Two colour in the background is alright though. If you had in it colours like purple with a shade of yellow with black in the background; I will suppose it would look much better in my opinion. The tile colours for the flower show are nicely shaded.