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The premise is if ABC had become the ITV London Weekend license. This is how it could have looked with the "solari" music with venetian wipe.

All constructive advice is welcome. Very Happy
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For 1986, it's a rather boring animation, to be honest. Have a search on YouTube? That era would be getting to grips with a rather more mature 2D/3D animation (80s style)

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I do miss these type of "what if" designs - done well they're far more interesting to look at than your average BBC News/Good Morning Britain ones. The usual issue is that the older designs look too modern and the newer designs look too simple - you'll get 70s idents with all kinds of fancy fonts and designs that there's no way in hell any ITV company would have used, 80s idents with all sorts of Photoshop filter effects that look completely wrong for the time, and trying to make a 90s ident or beyond in any 2D editing system, especially Powerpoint, is almost impossible.

Have a look at different ITV regions and the type of idents they had in '86, the way the symbol forms up and how the letters appear on screen. I'd make the logo smaller and add the letters ABC at the bottom - but get the font looking right too, as that's another mistake lots of people make, again looking at other idents from the era to see what they were doing.

Generally make it less 'powerpointy' and closer to what other idents were doing at the time.
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