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Some people just don’t have a flair for design just like some people can’t draw. If you probably don’t think something which is terrible looks terrible you’re never going to understand what looks good.

You can go to a hundred art lessons but you might not be a better painter after it.

However if you enjoy making these mocks don’t stop. My advice for you would be take a screenshot of something like Good Morning Britain* put it into PowerPoint so it fills a 16:9 frame recreate the graphics exactly so it looks identical use a PNG of the GMB logo too as that might be slightly harder to recreate, then if you want to create your own spin on their graphics use that template as a basis and edit them accordingly. Don’t worry about animating stuff at this stage.

*I mention Good Morning Britain because the OP has previously tried to emulate those graphics.
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I'm going to answer each point in turn

ABC is admittedly not the easiest to recreate because not just of the lack of footage but also because the triangles aren't easy to match up.

I chose powerpoint for this example because I thought it was easier to use. I'll use the screenshot idea and not use AE

Finally and most importantly I have not ignored the advice.

As I said this will be my last mock on here.