UProxy: What is it?

(January 2017)

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I want to use uProxy to watch some geoblocked contents (I may not be able to use some kind of video ripping software, since uProxy is a browser extension that will affect just a browser's connection, but whatever...), but I wonder if it's another Hola or not.
Neil Jones Founding member
all this sort of software is like, not asking for trouble as such, but it's basically a variant on Tor. All these pieces of software do is bounce your internet access around through other people's computers and in the case of a proxy server, try to fool a server that you're somewhere you're not.

It may be fine to gain access to Geoblocked material as a one off but realistically if your aim is to surf anonymously - it doesn't work like that regardless of whether you use the likes of Tor or not.
So, you are saying it may be useful for watching such content, but not so secure? (Sigh) Gotta look for another solution.

In fact, I once asked for some useful VPN, and AJ recommended me to use Unblock-Us. (Haven't tried it yet though.)

Right now, I picked some candidates: ExpressVPN, HMA, and Unblock-Us as I mentioned right above. Which one would you recommend me to try?

Or, are you going to recommend another service? Well, I want one that will bring me to following destinations, at least:
Arrow The UK and Ireland
Arrow The Nordics (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and, if possible, Iceland)
Arrow Other major European countries
Arrow The USA and Canada
Arrow and, as an option, the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

57 days later

I'd say Hoxx. It's free to download (as a Chrome/Firefox extension) and has pretty much all the countries you've listed.

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