Hi there, my first post on here.

The only place I can think of asking but does anyone have Tyne Tees weather sponsors/jingles from about April/May 2000 to Summer 2001?

I'm after, in particular, pre September 2000 as there was no sponsor for the weather, just shots of pretty countryside overlaid with a voiceover "and now the Tyne Tees regional weather, covering the North East and North Yorkshire'. I used to have them on a VHS tape which got wiped sadly. Haven't been able to find them anywhere else. From memory, there were several variants of these used; one with horses, one with shots of Lindisfarne/Holy Island, a night time one and one with a castle and bicycle.

I do have sponsors from Autumn 2000 to Summer 2001 which were sponsored by Northern Electric and Gas and I have uploaded them onto my YouTube channel. They were set to particular variants and I am presuming there was a Spring one as I have the Autumn, Winter and Summer ones. Again, does anyone have the Spring variant?

Many thanks, and I know it's a heck of a long shot, but I am grateful for any response.