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It Shouldn't Happen To a Kids TV Presenter and Old Crimewatch Eps (September 2018)

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Mr Zzzap
Hello, there. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with some TV shows I'm trying to locate.

The first one is It Shouldn't Happen To A Kids TV Presenter which aired around 1999 on ITV. I haven't seen it in years. I recall SM:TV Live was featured and the likes of Dave Benson Phillips and Steve Ryde were interviewed on the show.

The second one is a little more obscure. Does anyone here have a collection of old Crimewatch episodes? There's a particular case which might have been featured around 1996 which I think was reported on the show. It's a long shot but wondered if anyone might have taped the show a lot back then.

If anyone can help. Feel free to drop me a PM Smile
try youtube for the crimewatch episodes but don't know about the first one, I have 2 it shouldnt happen to a episodes on video but not the one you are looking for

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