SVRS's BBC News Suite PART 2

Part 1 & 2 Download Links (August 2010)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Its been a while since i actually finished this, but just forgot to upload:

My version of various BBC News themes: Part 2. (117MB - 30 Tracks)
Includes:- World News Today Zeinab Badawi Vamps & Stings, Breakfiller, and Business Edition,
as well as a few BBC World News Idents.

Part 1 has been around for about 9 months now. (99MB - 30 Tracks)
Includes:- BBC News Vamps & Stings and World News Today Vamps & Stings

Download links are right at the bottom of the page so scroll down, and be patient, it may take a few minutes.

Hope You like - SVRS
Bail Moderator
Why not try using the Metropol uploader to avoid the random "wait 30 second" thingys?

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