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(January 2003)

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Milo's Dad
i do remember Astra Digital, then Asa please don't ban me.

i remember you on ITA Transmitter, when IBA Satellite launched in mid/late 1975, then i remember the first rocket going into space, then the jazzy mix titles, then an promotional footage around 1999/2000, then also in this case it was shown on BBC1, i was three years old then i'm watching IBA Transmitter promos, then in this case my mum will stop me.

then i am in my villa looking after the Tweenies, and drinking my tea with the other Tweenies Very Happy
BBC TV Centre
Why the hell do you have to subject us to all this torture? Mad

Bog off, go away, scram, get out, bye bye (whatever word suits you for leave!)

PS - Tweenies do not exist. They are just blokes in suits jumping about on a set in a television studio to a set script.

Pratt. Rolling Eyes

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