Unfortunately, this site has caught the attention of several font foundries, and I've been receiving a great deal more email about fonts that have been uploaded using the File Upload Service.

Like library music, fonts are copyrighted material, and are licensed for use by the owner (what's called a "foundry"). Trading them without paying the original designer is like stealing music. It's unfortunate, but true. So, from now on, fonts will no longer be allowed on the File Upload Service. If they're found and linked to from this board , they will be removed from my server.

Note that the terms of use of the File Upload Service have changed to reflect this matter. And also remember that I reserve the right to remove any file(s) at my sole discretion. I will immediately remove any file I find to be objectionable, unsuitable, or otherwise in violation of my contract with my hosting provider. By clicking the "Send File" button, you automatically accept any sort of legal responsibility for the content of the media file you post. This includes -- but is not limited to -- the cost of any legal action that may arise in connection with the file that you upload.

Thanks for continuing to be respectful whilst using my server, and not abusing this service.

Edit: To clarify, this is not a change in TV Forum policy. This only applies to files living on