Original TSW Ident MP3

(May 2007)

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StuartPlymouth posted:
They changed the ident to a shorter version with a simple fanfair after a while which was a shame!
TSW Second Ident
Courtesy of TV Ark (of course)

The second ident was nice, but wasn't as pacey as the original. If only they'd got the concept of multiple idents with different jingles in the 80s...
I Don't know whether this will help:
TSW Ident Long 1982 WAV file
I liked the theme of TSW Today, but I doubt whether anyone has that Laughing
Thanks for the WAV dms Smile Better quality, although it sounds like it has come off a rather old VHS, as it's a bit distorted. I'll try cleaning it up in Soundtrack Pro and see what happens Smile Would be nice if there were a stereo version as the horn bit in the middle would sound great in Stereo.
James Vertigan Founding member
I'm trying to link to the three files I've just posted on MHP's Private Parts which I have uploaded for you as promised, but TVForum's URL HTML linky thingy doesn't seem to be working properly at the moment.
A former member
I have just listen to the Mp3 you upload THANK !!!!!!!!!!!!! - MP private)

but it sounds like the one upload is not the same.

Do i take it the muisc GOT Retuned around 1984?
James Vertigan Founding member
I think a lot of Ed Welch's original arrangements were not "made public" so to speak - for example the Blockbusters theme available on KPM is not the original one, but it's still by Ed Welch.
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that man follows me everywhere!

I just wish I could get my hands on those Blockuster tunes!

THANK you for the TSW mp3! !
Since James can't link to the files from MHP for some reason I'll repay the generosity he has so nicely shown us.Not direct links though, just be warned.

TSW Startup Theme

That's Soul,Write!

Today South West
James Vertigan Founding member
I think I've figured it out, Nini... I was trying to link directly to the MP3 files but for some reason it won't let me - just linking to the location of the file (as you've done) works fine, though...


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been looking for this for a while

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