another one with freeview rececption problems..

request for advice (May 2007)

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I have 2 identical tv aerials - both digital fitted at the same time. One goes straight in to a bedroom, the other serves the rest of the house. The problem is that I have just tried to install a new Freeview box but couldn't pick up all the channels (eg Granada, Channel 4 etc) however when I installed it in the bedroom it picked up every channel, very clearly. I have an older Freeview box in the lounge which picks up every channel - it was set up when I had the old analogue aerial but still works with the new aerial. Can anyone explain why I don't have consistency in signal pick-up and what can I do about it?
bilky asko
If there are multiple cables connected together (i.e. not directly to the aerial) it degrades quality significantly. Try having both freeview boxes direct to the aerial. I know, I've tried it myself. Or could buy a nice flat aerial for 25 off QVC. They're good too for freeview.

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