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Monica & Richard relationship (August 2005)

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Hi guys and gals
I wonder if you can help me, at my house with my friends we are currently argueing about the show Friends
How much older is Richard (Tom Selleck) to Monica
I thought it would be 20 but some of my mates say its less than that
Please can you help
Matt Founding member
If anyone wants to prove that I have no life, the following is hard evidence:

In Series 2 Episode 15 "The One Where Ross And Rachel... You Know", Monica and Richard are sitting in Monica's apartment talking about Richard's children.

Monica says: "I mean I'm dating a man who's pool I once peed in.", which gets the response: "I didn't need to know that. I guess 21 years is a lot. I mean, hell, I'm a whole person who can drink older than you." from Richard.

In short - he's 21 years older.

Hope this settles it!
Yep-- its 21.

however your signature has angered me.... LONG LIVE THE TORIES!!!

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