What was this Granada ident?

(November 2008)

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Larry the Loafer
I've got a blurred image in my mind of a Granada ident which was on when I was younger, and I've never seen it on a pres site. The best way I could describe it was a Granada logo (I think it was gold) floating in the sea or something.

Does anyone know what it was, when it was used or even better, have it? Many thanks.
Could it be the Jellyfish ident from 1999?

It's on TV Ark.
Paul Clark
There was also a 'model train set' type ident from the same period which looks to be missing from that section? It's probably on Youtube somewhere!

Perhaps the most visually varied bunch of idents Granada ever had, but not the most memorable to me.
Larry the Loafer
Ahh! Many thanks for that, Adders. I never saw it there.

As for the train ident, Paul, I'm sure I came across it once on Youtube. I guess the varied ones are the most blurred in my memories with the jellyfish and trail ident being the only "varied" themed idents I remember. Nevertheless, I consider them one of the best. Like the BBC 2's, the more varied idents are, the better.

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