Larry the Loafer

I asked this in the Christmas Adverts thread but didn't get very far. The video above is an advert for Sky Movies used during Christmas 2010.

Now, there was another Sky advert that ran during the same time. I think it was more of a "subscribe to Sky Movies" rather than a showcase of what's on. It used clips from the same films in the ad above, such as Fantastic Mr Box, Alice in Wonderland and St. Trinian's. However, it used different music. It sounded much more off-the-shelf library-esque than the song used in the above ad, so much so that I recall hearing the music in a local radio advert.

I've been trying to track down the advert for a while, not least because I quite liked the music from it. As I say, the ad I'm looking for ran alongside the one above, and uses different music. If anybody's seen something that sounds like this lurking on YouTube or something (god knows I've been rooting) then you'll make me a very happy forumer. Very Happy