Does anyone recognise this programme?

(May 2020)

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There isn't much to go on but someone might recognise it.
This brief clip appeared within another show. The ITV sitcom Watching. The episode was broadcast on January 25th 1990.
I'd really like to know what the folk in Watching were watching.

There was some dialogue from the man in the suit:
"....for breakfast. The best meal of the day I always think"

He has quite a posh voice.

In the street scene the camera in the back of the car pans right and films the back of the front passenger who is wearing a police hat.


Hatton Cross
First pic - looks like Don Henderson.
Second pic - cars look of late 1970's early 1980's vintage.

Obviously using clips from their own archive would be more cost effective for Granada.
Put the two together, and that could be from Strangers. Made by Granada in 1978.

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