Last Days of Steam

(July 2009)

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Last year 2008 Around about October/November.There was a programme about the last steam train in Britain.It was called The Last Days Of Steam it was produced by ?Hillsop of the Private Eye Magazine.
I am having trouble obtaining it can anybody let me know how I can get hold of it please?
Yesterday(Today-Thursday 16th Jul) Somebody from a Forum Group sent a copy to me via A website I didn't know about that specialises in large Files. The file wasn't sure of being able to get to me So I Just ran the Programme on the off chance Therefore, I never noticed the name of this site OR the Kind fellow who forwarded me the programme So I never saved it. As it happens it was watchable after all. Please if any one can help me get it back id be grateful

8 days later

don't know which one it is but you can look for yourself:

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