Hello everyone. I'm trying to find a channel 5 (UK) sponsorship ident (don't know if that's the correct term, those short adverts before the weather where we are told who is sponsoring the weather).

The one I'm trying to find is for Currys PC World. It was part of the advertising campaign themed around the phrase 'We Can Help', I'm told that that campaign was from 2012.

The ident was around 10 seconds long and featured a woman carrying a large plasma tv box on a windy day, the box making it difficult to walk in the wind. The slogan 'We Can Help' was voiced over, the theme of the ident being that it would have been easier to get the box delivered by Currys PC World.

I only saw the advert once and I'm pretty certain it must have been done using a green screen with the box that the actor is holding being put on in post-production, but I couldn't be sure. The punchline to the advert is a plastic bag flying onto the woman's face, which undoubtedly was done post-production.

I'm also interested in any other sponsorship idents from this series that there may have been.

Thanks for any help.