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(August 2016)

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Is it available to listen to / buy on the Keith Prowse Music website anywhere I wonder? I can't seem to find it on a quick browse of the website myself, but perhaps someone could point me in the right direction if it is. Cheers. Smile

The link I provided? You can do an audition of the track, the downloads feature is limited to those in the industry though, or those with the appropriate licences.

The link you provided only seems to have the 30 second edit of it on there. I was looking to purchase the full length one.
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There is no longer version. Unless it was put on lp only. You REALLY should be asking the lirbray company for such details especial if want to use it.
I don't want to use it for anything, I like the tune and just want to listen to the full version.

If there is no longer version, I wonder why they have labelled it as a "30 second edit" then?
Back At the time, it was probably available on the original lps for clients to use.
A fuller version is on sub TV, seems to just be the same melody repeating a lot, with the same end.

The leap to the online services probably only copied the short version as there isn't really much commercial usage for a three minute eighties synth piece in centrals house style anymore. If you were a potential paying client however, I'm sure there would be no issue with them going into the basement and getting the original tapes out for you to broadcast and pay licensing fees.
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