CBBC 2002 Idents/Presentation

Question about when they were used (August 2017)

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I've been trying to do a little bit of research on the 2002 CBBC idents and unfortunately, most of the ident sites either cover only these ones

or don't even have CBBC sections at all.

I've come across (and remember) these additional ones.

There's a few more on that channel too.

My question is, what time frame were they used?

Were they weekend only idents?

Or only used when CBBC was on BBC One/Two?
Neil Jones Founding member
Pretty sure IIRC that look was used full time on the CBBC Channel from launch and also on CBBC One (and also CBBC Two if they were still doing the "CBBC Two" thing by 2002).
All the same idents were used for each channel, just with alternate colour backgrounds to fit with the identity;
Red - BBC One
Purple - BBC Two
Blue - CBBC Channel
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Don't think those idents with more of a 'scene' were being used in 2002. Think they were used from around 2004 until the rebrand in 2005? An attempt to introduce variety I think
The original bugs launched across all channels in February 2002 with all colour variants used across all channels including some other colours including orange & yellow. Late in 2002/early 2003 the idents were edited making as Beano says Red backgrounds for One, Purple for Two and Blue for the channel. The later ones in the original post were in use by January 2004, part of me may be misremembering them being used from Christmas 2003.

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