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Obtaining 1080p Idents for Project (December 2014)

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Hello all,

I'm wondering if i can get my hands on some high quality 1080p or 720p BBC One Circle idents for a college project?

I've tried every video sharing website possible (YouTube, Vimeo etc) and non of them have any high enough quality recordings of the idents.

Any ideas where I'd get them?
Bail Moderator
Really? If I search BBC One "ident name, capes etc" HD tons come up?
There'll be hundreds of HD clips with announcements on them, just google the name of said ident, e.g. Kites.

However if you're looking for announcerless idents, or the original 2006 cuts, then you're out of luck as I'm looking for the very same.
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Remember you might have to change the setting to 720 or 1080 etc as some videos are set at 420.
Ah yeah, I've tried changing the quality settings to 1080p etc but they're only as good as how the recording was captured! They are marked HD but the quality isn't good enough for the type of project that I am doing.

Looks like the search continues.
Bail Moderator
What do you mean they're not good enough? Are you after clean (no voice) idents? Or just crazy high quality captures? What is it you need them for, more details might mean we can help better.

Have you looked here:

Or here:
Not bothered about whether they have announcers in or not, they just need to be as you put 'crazy high quality' captures.

I am in the middle of creating a Title Sequence concept for BBC sport which will be created in 1080p. In order for conceptualisation purposes I wanted to add a high quality BBC One ident at the beginning of the concept so that the client can get a real feel for the genre and the channel branding.

It's looking unlikely that this will be the case now however so therefore I have gone ahead without.

Thanks for the above help anyway.
The ones posted on the Ident Gallery are as HD as you are going to get!
Bail Moderator
How's this then... MPEGTS (as broadcast) with very minimal compression, 1920x1080 25p for you.. I even stuck a clean soundtrack on.

H.264 Download
Thank You Bail! Thats perfect. Really appreciate that Wink

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