'Allo 'Allo theme music

(February 2017)

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itsrobert Founding member
Hi all,

Does anyone happen to have a clean copy of the theme music from 'Allo 'Allo they would be willing to share? I think its official title is "London Calling" by David Croft. Or does anyone know if it is commercially available on CD/vinyl?

Would be very grateful if anyone has any further information or would be willing to pass on a copy.

Many thanks,

There's a good quality copy on mhp at if that's any good.
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itsrobert Founding member
Brilliant! Many thanks, Richard.
A former member
Thats an awful copy! I got mine of the David croft website, he even had You rang m'lord theme, Remember He wrote them..... he held the copy right.
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itsrobert Founding member
Thank you!

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