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(May 2002)

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I think I may have asked for this already- but I cannot find my post and did not see the responce. So again:

Does ANYONE have ANYTHING to do with ABC News Australia News, esspecially the main theme for the 7pm news.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Tom

I'm unable to help with the current ABC News theme, but do have a number of idents from a couple of years back. (Air-writing the ABC logo, etc.)

It may be worth your while joining the Yahoo group 'austvlogos', and making the same request there - nothing to lose, eh?

Just out of interest, I don't suppose you have any SEVEN news themes, do you?

Would be keen to get hold of them if you do.......
Thanks for your post.

Sorry, but I took a video to Australia in March/April to capture but I couldn't get to a video recorder.

I too like the seven music, but I don't have it.

Thanks for the website.

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