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[Recreation] ITV 2009

(December 2008)

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Eric 27
Hello ! (Excuse me for my English, I am French)
I have recreate this ident of ITV (1989) :

My work :

MP4 (3.0MO) :
Youtube :
Not a bad effort, although it is a recreation I don't think it would work on TV today.
This mock seems to be a sort of an updated version, would have made an ideal ident to follow the 1989 generics, maybe circa 1992 methinks.
Nice idea, certainly would've worked as an update to the 1989 generic idents, as malpass said.

Not sure about the 'v' being faded on the logo itself towards the end; perhaps it would look better if that effect drifted across all three letters in turn. Just a thought.
That's pretty good, but there's still some room for improvement.

How about having the ITV logo break off into the purple strips at the start (as the regional logo did in the original)? On the subject of the ITV logo, it might look better if you included the rounded rectangle in the ident. Of course, you could recolour it purple to make it fit in with your mock. Also, try and keep the images within the strips.

All in all, a good modernisation of the original. Well done.

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