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ITV2 Tweak

(December 2008)

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The reason I believe that the ITV Network has a bit of a weak on-screen idenity is that their corporate font is overused. If the fonts are different on each of their channels would give them more a disinctive look and character.

The only channel of ITV's that has that is CITV with its unique type font. To show you what I meant, I polished up ITV2's current on-screen looks with the promos. It generally has a strong design. The idents and animations - in general - would remain intact. The major changes are its typefont and some other subtle changes. Here are the images.

Let me know what you think Wink

All comments are welcome
This is very good, the font is very appropriate for youth-TV, whilst still retaining the logo. I'd like to see this project expand, so good luck with it.
Perhaps your theory is correct, but you've chosen the wrong font IMO - it just looks bad to me. Maybe it's just the poor look of ITV2 though that's making me see these in a negative light though.
Definitely the wrong font it's hardly readable being all squashed together.

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