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benriggers723 posts since 19 Sep 2005
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Just thought I'd warn anyone who has uploaded any (mainly) BBC Closedown clips on Youtube.
In the past it's been common for BBC Worldwide to block a clip if it features some footage from a programme (fair enough) but now they are starting to block BBC1 Closedown clips because of the national anthem used by the BBC. Sad
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Neil Jones3,880 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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That's ridiculous. The BBC don't own the National Anthem, if anyone does, it's the government. Though it may well be old enough to be public domain.

The tune we know as God Save The Queen is public domain, and apparently dates back to the 18th Century so any concept of copyright that existed at that time will be long expired.
Inspector Sands11,254 posts since 25 Aug 2004
The song might be public domain - and of course the tune isn't unique to God Save The Queen - but the particular recording itself will belong to someone, possibly the BBC
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nwtv20038,048 posts since 5 Jan 2003
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As I tweeted to TV Live earlier it's a phase that BBC Worldwide copyright police seem to be going through. They go through spates of copyright claims and blocking, then disappear for ages. They've blocked a BBC1 continuity clip on my channel twice. Interestingly I uploaded a closedown from 1992 which got claimed, with notification and then blocked without notification, odd.