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I was just coming here to post the same clip, I hadn't realised that Thames did a slide promoting LWT's programmes

Me neither but I suppose that was what Thames did at closedown so what else would they do on Thursdays?

Interesting that the last programme is called 'Close'. When I was a kid I remember seeing what I thought was a mysterious programme called 'Close' in the TV listings, turns out I was right after all.
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Surprised it hasn't been revived really. They did a one-off with Trevor McDonald a few years back (was it Simon Cowell who got the book?) which seemed to be a pilot but it got no further.

Yes, and Simon Cowell was also the subject of the last one they recorded with Aspel in 2003. Psst, the "few years back" was actually thirteen years ago now.

Anyway, there was pretty much a This Is Your Life revival a few weeks ago when Rod Stewart was on The One Show because the whole programme was devoted to his life and they had a few messages from his friends and some reunions in the studio, and the model railways society he denoted the money too the other month came in as a surprise too. It more or less was This Is Your Life in all but name. Which is all to the good, because they should bring it back.
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As long as they feature proper people, not TOWIE stars and Youtubers.

Well, Stephen Hendry was on the original at the age of 23.

At least he had still done something meaningful, not just gawped and been thick on reality TV. As if Gemma Collins is remotely in the same league.

We might actually find out what Gemma Collins actually does.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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Not unless it was "rebooted for ITV2".


With Keith Lemon as presenter.

Is it just me who doesn't "get" the popularity of Keith Lemon?
Everytime I see this character I just don't understand why everybody really likes him? I sometimes wonder if I'm missing something?

I quite like him to be honest. I get the impression he (or rather Leigh) is a decent fella. My other half did some work with him once and said he was lovely - really humble.
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