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ToasterMan Granada North West Today
The Monday edition of Blue Peter on my 2nd birthday, no less!
Inspector Sands
The English Programme goes behind the scenes at The Tube
Si-Co Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Bruce Gyngell telling us how wonderful Regional ITV is:

Funny that London's offerings were still split between Trevor Phillips on LWT, and a very stiff-looking Alastair Stewart and Mary Nightingale claiming all of London Tonight for Carlton. (The IRA bomb at South Quay on the Isle of Dogs referred to in their video was on a Friday night, when Carlton had finished for the week.)

I find it strange that Alastair Stewart referred only to “every weeknight on Carlton”, when of course London Tonight was shown in LWT’s airtime on the Friday. Wasn’t LNN a JV between the two companies?

Mike Neville’s reference to “Channel 3” is very jarring. Why not “Channel 3 North East”? Rarely was Tyne Tees ever referred to on air just as “Channel 3”!
Si-Co Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
A 1993 startup from Meridian and an observation and question:

Notice at the start of the clip there’s a brief flash of Carlton pres after the GMTV endcap fades out. I know that GMTV was distributed differently to TVam due to the regional news inserts, but why would Meridian be taking what I assume is a dirty feed of Carlton London? The trailers of TM/TTTP and indeed everything during the morning used to be networked to all via Granada, regardless of originating companies (borne out in Thames’s internal paperwork from 1992), though the feed was free of local Granada pres (I assume the TM trail was the first thing on the feed). Had this changed in 1993 and the morning programmes were routed via Carlton or, as GMTV came from TLS, did they get on air via CAR/LWT? Neither scenario would really explain the dirty feed though.
Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
It looks like the GMTV feed contains the Carlton ident and then the Meridian feed kicks in. So perhaps the GMTV feed also carried Carlton/LWT's output after 9:25.
Inspector Sands
GMTV was played out by LNN, the same as Carlton and LWT. So their TX suite's output would just have presumably just played the end of GMTV, a few seconds of black then the start of Carlton. That is what we saw in London.

So presumably either Meridian weren't quick enough to opt out/switch away or LNN for whatever reason didn't leave as much gap. The 1 second doesn't seem that much to me

It could be that they were getting it by an unusual route and normally the output of GMTV sent to them was clean of London output, but on that day it wasn't.

It was only a few weeks into the new arrangement so I imagine there would have been a few teething troubles
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Ne1L C Recently warned Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Side note. In the run up to the 1991 franchise changes Greg Dyke spoke to Carlton about resources sharing. The plan was known as Lions and Tigers
RDJ Central (West) Midlands Today
A very early clip of Susanna Reid reading the BBC News in 2000. Pretty much unrecognisable compared to nowadays.

Central News South January 9th 1989 - December 3rd 2006
Rolling News Central (East) East Midlands Today
RDJ posted:
A very early clip of Susanna Reid reading the BBC News in 2000. Pretty much unrecognisable compared to nowadays.

Yes very different compared to her now Morganified status. Hard to believe she's only 29 in that clip.
JAS84 Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
She actually looks younger now. That short haircut really ages her.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
So guessing that was a Bank Holiday Monday, but even so strange for BBC2 to have a news summary in the morning. I thought they only had them in the afternoon, with BBC1 airing the morning summaries. Guessing CBBC was probably on BBC1.
Last edited by Brekkie on 20 January 2020 11:27pm
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
According to Genome, yes. CBBC followed by a movie.
Write that down in your copybook now.

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