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Unused? Silly Youtube user... There were used... Certain people on Youtube just don't help matters.
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Here's a great one, from the first month of the CiTV September 1998 refresh, note the presentation and set remained the same throughout the whole year, but the first month saw that oversized DOG still in use.
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Found some unused idents from ITV, this time from 2000

I posted a clip of it in action on this thread a year ago.

Yorkshire's Millennium ident here which was also designed for use for Granada and Tyne Tees too. A marked improvement on the offerings from other non-Carlton regions. I remember this ident being mentioned on one of the pres websites but thought that it had mentioned that it never made it to air?

Also one of the final ITV News appearances of Julia Somerville before she'd move on to the ITN News Channel, even more unusually hosting a weekend bulletin (though understandably it was New Year's Day).

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Not in very good condition, especially all the picture disturbance at the beginning, do Channel 4 or ITN not have a better copy than that? There's definitely better copies floating round there!

The picture even breiefly switches to different sources, including what looks like an incoming news agency feed (from IBA in Jerusalem), for a couple of seconds at the 0:50 mark.
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