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TIGHazard573 posts since 3 Jan 2014
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I've uploaded the 1995 & 96 TOTP episodes, if anyone here's interested.


I remember Dan Anderson from 1996 turning up on some show years later with his daughter supposedly running over loads of copies of his Eurovision song with a steamroller. Can't remember what show it was though.

I was interested but the file is corrupt so can you send me a dvd copy of these episodes please as I am interested in watching this, I will also send you a PM

I can independently verify (for whatever weight that carries) that the TOTP files posted above download and open and play absolutely fine.

Can also confirm the files play just fine in VLC.

Do you mind if the files are added to the Popscene drive folder James? As they probably won't be repeated if we get that far?
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Is it just me or is there something comforting and simple about that old BBC News set? The lovely touches of the wooden topped desks, the edge spotlights, the trimming and the frame looking out onto the newsroom. It was a massive departure from the grand set that preceeded it, but there was still a lot of authority.
Steve Williams2,876 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Yes I don't think they lasted long - a short lived experiment

Similarly the idea of the Ten of going back to the network after the regional news. Nice to see the first appearance of Michael Buerk's nod at the end to illustrate the direction of BBC2.
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